FreeCity Strategic Partnership with Sinso Technology

FreeCity x Sinso Technology

FreeCity is thrilled to officially announce a strategic partnership with Sinso Technology, a Web 3 infrastructure that regulates data, simplifies decentralized storage, and has a quick-to-build DAPP on the Filecoin network. In the areas of web3.0, metaverse, and also in the NFT ecosystem, this partnership will help us to achieve greater results and engagement from people and key opinion leaders worldwide.

About Sinso Technology

Sinso Technology is a Web 3 infrastructure that regulates data, simplifies decentralized storage, and has a quick-to-build DAPP on the Filecoin network. The Sinso team was established in October 2020. As the leading medical imaging SaaS cloud service provider, the core members have served more than 500 medical institutions and more than 80,000 medical imaging doctors. Users/institutions collect data through Sinso Getway, cast health/medical-related data into NFTs in Sinso DAPP, conduct transactions at Sinso Donors Netwok, and realize the value transfer of medical data. Sinso builds the Sinso DAC ecology based on WEB3 technology, and jointly promotes the human society to enter the era of decentralized medical care.

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About Free City

Free City is basically a Web 3.0 based immersive virtual city that is meant for social interaction. In Free City, players use their 3D avatars to participate in different social interactions by means of various voice chat rooms, game rooms, cinemas, etc.

Free City provides the players with a free, open, and transparent digital world. Everyone will need a digital pass to enter the city premises. One has the option to either play, or to chase the stars who are roaming around in the city or to explore the social aspects of the city. It is to be noted that one cannot truly become the member of the city.

In Free City, users can put together their own NFTs in the form of microphones which enable them to access voice rooms and interact with other players based upon their interests. A player can showcase their social value in urban buildings by the means of voice chat. The voice chat feature helps a player gain the approval of other players, thus, enhancing their social value while also offering them currency. This currency can be used in games to buy certain game items.

Once the project is launched, Sinso Technology will support the data storage of FreeCity Metaverse #NFTs and explore more cooperation in the future.

The partnership with Sinso Technology is one of our many steps into the metaverse, and you can be sure that it won’t be our last as we plan on becoming more than just a blockchain game developer within the blockchain/metaverse space. As always, stay up to date for more information and announcements coming soon!

What’s New❓


FreeCity’s Mobile app is launching it’s Beta test on September 18th, 2022. 🚀

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