An introduction to Social-Fi, Chat & Earn project: Freecity

4 min readDec 5, 2022


Project Introduction

FreecitY is a web3 metaverse voice chat room project built on the ETH chain. In FreecitY, a social product, each player has their own NFT avatar, and they can use their favourite costumes to appear in different voice rooms. Players can socialize with others by creating their own avatars, where they can meet people from all over the world to chat and make friends while earning rewards.

Project advantages

  1. Easy to use, with web3 functions and web2 user experience

Due to the problem of decentralised wallets, most Web3 products are developed on the webpage, while FreecitY developed its mobile app, which is more convenient for users.

For login, users can use their email address to register their decentralised wallet. FreecitY provides a familiar login method for Web 2 users. FreecitY not only retains the core of the Web3 industry — the user’s autonomy over assets but also retains the excellent product experience of Web2. When users are involved in on-chain interactions (transfers, mints, transactions, etc.), the game will automatically connect to the wallet and show your encrypted asset balance in the game, and simultaneously display the NFTs you hold.

2. Social value can be presented in the form of NFTs, which can better demonstrate your social value

FreecitY aims to attract users to enter by developing high-quality avatars and beautiful NFT costumes.

FreecitY has developed costumes and accessories from various countries to meet the needs of global players for character dressing.

In addition, FreecitY is able to undertake more traffic from other NFT communities. Let more NFT communities settle in FreecitY, providing everyone with avatar application scenarios and a more free and pure Web3 platform.

3. Create a global and healthy WEB3 social platform

FreecitY is committed to mitigating the huge fluctuations in the value of digital assets creating a better web3 social platform instead of a purely opportunistic platform so that 95% of traditional Web2 users can also feel the charm of social brought by metaverse.

In FreecitY’s economic model, the profit-making method of tipping from the traditional voice chat platform is retained. Most of the profits are distributed to content creators and NFT holders. In this way, it avoids the mode of paying first and then enjoying the metaverse.

In other words, if you want to experience FreecitY without spending money, you can also use it as a free voice chat platform to make friends and chat with new people. But if you are a Web3 player, you can also choose to buy FreecitY’s Microphone NFT. FreecitY will provide incentives for NFT holders and content creators to gain from FreecitY’s ecosystem.

FreecitY supports multiple languages, including Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other languages. Expand outward from the Middle East.

Project playing method

  1. Introduction to the NFT system of FreecitY

FreecitY’s NFT system is divided into two types. One is a Microphone NFT, and the other is a Genesis SVIP NFT. The price of Microphone NFT is 0.1eth-0.2eth, and the price will increase step by step according to the number of sales. The total number of sales in the first stage is 20,000. There are five levels of Microphones NFTs: N, R, SR, SSR, and UR. The NFTs that players can directly get are N and R. Higher quality NFTs can only be produced by forge.

The Genesis SVIP NFT is priced at 2 ETH, and you can get a 10% commission share from the NFT trading market. Users who hold 10 or more Microphone NFTs have the chance to buy a Genesis SVIP NFT.

2. Settings for earning tokens

The tokens earning mechanisms are very simple. Users who own Microphone NFT can enter different rooms and earn tokens by chatting and socialising with others using their Microphones.

Different levels of Microphone NFTs have different abilities to earn tokens and the time to be able to earn tokens. Generally speaking, three aspects can determine your income: chat time, Microphone NFT level and interaction frequency of users in different voice rooms.




Connect with friends and chat in real-time, earn cryptocurrency, generate and trade NFTs, and more! Come and join us to explore !